VerĂ³nica Sanz at IFIC September 25 th,

Collider Physics: A case study
Doctoral Course given by VerĂ³nica Sanz (CERN & York University, Canada).

In this short course (based on a set of five lectures given at TASI) we will study five experimental analysis, and build around them basic knowledge on collider physics.

The outline of the course is as follows:
1. Brief intro to collider basics.
2. Higgs Physics: the diphoton channel in ATLAS.
3. Supersymmetry: multijet and missing energy in ATLAS.
4. Boosted Physics: Boosted ttbar resonances in CMS.
5. Exotica: R-hadrons (CMS) and monopoles (ATLAS).

The first paper we will go through is:
Held at the IFIC seminar room, at 3 pm.

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